He came down the Mountain.

The greatest potential lie in the graveyard. I often ask myself if hiding in my shell is worth it. Depression and anxiety really control my life, it consumes me and dictates my day. I am so sad on the inside and I don’t know why. I look around and see life passing me by as I stand still in this mud. I want to catch the wave of what’s going on around me but fear grips me and I stand there sulking in self-doubt. Here I stand at the footstool of this mountain looking at my God; He extends an invitation to me to come up, I bury my head in the dirt surrounded by the unwanted company…depression, anxiety, fear, death, etc. hoping He wouldn’t see me. I look up and see Him rushing down the mountain with an intense look on His face. He left His kingdom to save me from my issues, He then teaches me how to climb the mountain. While we are climbing, He is giving me wisdom and telling me things unheard of. At the top of the mountain, He gives me a key saying, “You are my chosen one, the one I called by name. Go, and unlock the potential of those around you”. So much power and victory in His words! His loving voice reassures me that He will be with me and to call on Him when I become restless.


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