Feeling Lost. 

One day all this overthinking and anxiety will be over. I don’t know where I would be without my Pops. Even though he is going through a lot himself, he still finds time to listen to me vent about my problems. This world is a terrible place to live in if you don’t have the right guidance. I am so lucky to have found a mentor that loves the Lord. Sometimes I just feel like breaking down and crawling into a little while until Jesus comes back. I often wonder when will he pain end or subside. Life has delt me terrible cards (well at least terrible mental cards) but I’ve learned to deal with them…I’ve learned to deal with me as I am. 


2 thoughts on “Feeling Lost. ”

  1. Yeah, I still ask myself when will the pain ever subside, but I’ve been reading a lot lately, and it will subside, we just have to look within. Look up Eckhart Tolle and Michael Singer, and you’ll come across their life changing words.

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