A Cry For Help

Fear lives in the rooms of my heart. 

My mind is divorced from casual thinking. 

I only experienced happiness a handful of times. 

Greatness smiles at me. 

I hid my face from Your love. 

I take and You give. 

You are constantly on my mind…

But I am so selfish. 

I don’t have much strength to carry on. 

But I must. It’s the only way to…


Can I sit down and let You untie these knots. 

Don’t evade me in my time of trouble. 

Train me up to what You need me to be. 

Be gentle with me because I am fragile. 

Handle me with care because I’ve been dropped many times before. 

Broken pieces covered up by a smile. 

Who can contain this man? 

By all means step forward. 

The Ancient of Days steps forward and says,

“I AM He. Bring him to me so I may love on him”. 


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