Future Thinking

If it can’t be seen, can it be done? Is the future an abstract concept or is it something that can be controlled? How do the greatest men come to be? The future is crafted with carefully designed plans, it’s shaped by the collision of forces when the bang of the bodies. It is conjured from intangibles of passion and hope. It could lead to the completion of an individuals ascension, it can wash over us in a cascade of love or force us to navigate a river amongst uncertainty colored with a dye of speculation. The future answers some doubts while multiplying others. These moments are more than distant dots plotted in a timeline, they are distinct opportunities to end a struggle to validate a way of life to remember history so that it can be repeated while taking care of unfinished business along the way. The thought of what’s to come make true believers delirious with anticipation because of every entry, on every page, in every book of life’s galore started out as a simple wish teasing us with it’s blow, daring us to make it real.


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