New Place…Old Ways

I’ve learned that my heart has not really changed. I constantly do the same old stuff, think the same old thoughts and none of it are Godly at all. I thought that if I was to be taken out of my old environment my old habits would change but they have gotten worse in my mind. I am a very messy person on the inside and I don’t know how to deal with it. Trying to fight against my old self is a never ending battle, then I realized that the battle was not meant for me to fight against but to rely on the Lord and seek after Him when the trying times come. To me, this is a difficult task because living in sin for a good portion of my life it’s kinda hard to just stop and do things Gods way, but I can say when I cooperate and do His will my mind is more at peace. I think I should just keep His peace on my mind when the old habits come around to tempt me.


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