Reminding Myself that I’m a Leader

Some of us were born leaders. It’s our birthright to lead people to become greater in Christ or to simply share Christ with them. Most of us don’t want to be leaders because the burden is too much for one person. I am a victim of running away from leadership because I don’t want to misguide the one’s I am assigned to. It’s a scary thought to know that you are responsible for those people. I think back on how Moses was timid and unsure if he was capable of leadership, but then God gave him the tools to be a leader because he was obedient. Moses story is a daily reminder that I can do it as long as I stay obedient to the Lord. Frustration does kick in and things start to become foggy, but it’s ok because at that moment I know God is pushing me into a new zone or He’s trying to teach me to be more patient, loving and caring. It can be hard to love a person that curses you out all the time or starts fights with you but it’s okay because I know these boys here need me and I need them. We are all growing and it’s a process so hold on.


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