A Sex Addict and his Redeemer.

Being addicted to sex is no laughing matter.

I wish I can throw it away like a balled up piece of paper…

I’ve bought books and read scripture to help me with this addiction.

But the lust of the flesh begins to breathe heavily down my neck.

I try to avoid it but her body is so warm and inviting…

Her soft skin and eyes take me away to a world unknown.

Her heart beats ever so rapidly, while I run my hands through her hair.

She’s every man desire, but she is my fall.

And like, that I was trapped in a snare of self-glory.

Captivated by my own desires.

With no regards of the Lord and yet He wants me to do His work.

Where did I get lost? Why is it so easy to rebel against God?

I hate that I lose my sanity and discernment during temptation.

I know God is the way of escape but I pushed myself so far from His presence.

I pray that He doesn’t give me over to my own desires.

Because if He does I know my life will be consumed by fire.

This addiction has controlled me for a long time and I don’t know how to give it up.

The simple things trigger me.

This dangerous sin has settled in, with no intentions of leaving.

He calls me by my name and says,

“Come back to me my beloved, your debt has already been paid for. Come home where there is sanity and a peace of mind. That dark place is no place for My child(ren). Aren’t you tired of your selfish ways? Come now and call on My Name”.

Tears fill my eyes because,

The Lord still calls me His beloved!


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