Come Out!

Come out of that wicked and dark place.

Who are You to tell me what I should do?

I Am the Father of all things above and below.

Show me a sign that You are real..then I’ll believe who You think You are!

I later then hit rock bottom and was placed in a dark place of solitude.

I screamed…SAVE ME! Somebody..anybody.

The louder I got, the more my voice echoed throughout the darkness.

I was abandoned by everyone..even the animals began to stare at me when I passed by.

Tears began to fill up in my eyes as the pain began to ease its way in.

The Ancient of Days appeared to me in a dream.

He said…you wanted a sign I gave you one. I let you dwell in your own filth. Now come and seek me with everything you got.
My Lord where do I search?

The scripture…He said.

I am the wrong person go find someone else for the job…I am too weak and not qualified for the job.

The wind began to blow fiercely, lighting scattered through the heavens. Dark clouds came down and settled around me.

A powerful  voice sounding like thunder told me…

You are the one I have chosen! I will equip you with everything you need, so do not be afraid.

Ohhh my son if only you would return to me, then I will be able to show you more.

I Am the light of the World and in Me, there is no darkness. Take My hand and walk with me.

Here I come, Lord…


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