Sleeping Rage

Shhh!! don’t awaken him while he is asleep or he will slaughter you with his words. Let him lie down and rest. Rage never looked so peaceful but I charge you this, do not awaken him or you will regret it. A ticking time bomb he is; waiting patiently for a time to emerge from the depths of no return. Please let him sleep! Have you not heard? Have you not seen? Do not nudge him or he will eat you alive. I beg you please stop entertaining him or he will swallow you whole. Shhh! Make no loud noise or you will arouse him. I hate that I am always the 1st victim in his raging path but he is I and I am him. I try to forget the old days but he thrives on pain and past hurt. You have no idea what he is capable of but I do. God has kept him under control. Please just let him sleep! For if he sleeps…he will eventually die.


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