The Whisper

There was a time when I was confused, lost, and in rage. The stress of my thoughts were taking over my mind and travelling deep into my heart. But in my mind I kept hearing this whisper saying, “Here am I”, but I ignored it because it was to faint to recognize at the time. Years go by. The whisper seem to get more profound and sweeter as my mind got worse with insane and selfish thoughts. The abyss was around my neck choking the very life from me. My head was so downcast because of life and it’s problems were too much for me! I hear that gentle sweet voice saying, “Here am I” over and over again. I began to look up and I see The Ancient of Days coming towards me. I was in awe at His glorious being and asked if He would just pardon His servant and go away because He was to wonderful to be in my sight. He then puts His hand on my shoulder and says to me “you are empty but I am full, come let us talk about your problems.” He looks at me with so much intensity as I began to pour out my heart to Him. After I told Him my issues and problems, He said “give me your sins. Give me your shame. Give me your heart” and I said but God what if I do it again? I don’t want to hurt you anymore. He said to me “give me your sins son.” As I began to hand over my sin I can feel His wholeness enter my body. What I once lacked is no more. We both stood to our feet and He grabbed my hands and told me “I have so much to tell you, so much to show you. Now come and rest. Come and take delight in My fullness. Come and eat! For I am always with you through the good and bad.” Bless the Lord, O my soul for He has not forgotten you or His promises.


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