Middle of The Road

In the middle of the road looking back and wanting to take part in my old ways; I get lost and confused because I know that going backwards is never good. When I look forward I see so much promise but there are so many obstacles ahead. Its hard to keep moving but I must. The Ancient of Days appears before me and says its a must you keep moving because I have so much for you and so much to tell you. He sees that I am afraid, so He puts His arm ahead of me saying “I’ll lead”. After awhile He says, “stand beside Me” so I cautiously look around to see if its safe to come out. I turn to my left (which is His right) and His face was soooo bright and fueled with love because He was very focused on the task ahead, which was The Father in Heaven. He told me to stay the course, keep fighting and to let Him lead and to rely on Him for all things. At that moment I then realized that He was the only thing that can fill me to the brim.


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