Sweet Escape

I remember when I was young and lost, wanting to give up. I was always looking for a way out or somewhere to escape to, so I wouldn’t have to deal with my life’s trouble’s. I remember crying my eyes out and feeling so low because nothing was making sense to me. A voice said to me “Its to late to figure life out, just end it right here and now. What do you have to lose?.” I pondered that question because it was right everything was falling apart right before my eyes and I couldn’t control anything. I fell so deep in depression that I tried to do a very selfish thing (suicide). As I began to act selfishly I heard a voice saying “Don’t give up for I am with you; You might not know Me at this present moment but I know you. I have been watching you very closely I have not let you be overwhelmed with this situation. I have always had My hand out towards you, guiding you back to Me where you belong. I didn’t want to cause you to give up or harm but that was the only way to get your attention. So be mad for a little while but not for long because I want to extend an invitation to you.” I looked around to see who was there but no one was near me. This time the the voice was more stern and said to me “I am offering you a Sweet Escape” and I laughed because I was for sure I lost my mind. But then He told me about my life and what I have been through, things that not a soul on earth knew. I began to cry because I knew it was the Lord God calling me; He grabbed my hand and said “Son, today I have become your Father and today you have become My son”. I was in awe that He would even recognize me, and I didn’t quite understand at the moment. He asked me again, saying “I have plans for you, so will you take My Sweet Escape?”. From that day on He has been guiding and correcting me so that I will be able to take part in His Sweet Escape.


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