John 16:33

I am startled with Promising Dreams and

telltale Visions that Haunt me with Revelations.

I see myself giving in to personal Desires

holding on to things that bring me to Uncertainty.

Who am I that I should be separated from the Flock?

Was it my Birthright that caused me to carry

2 households on my Shoulders?

Or was I meant to be put Aside for a Special occasion.

Can I only have 1 Minute to myself

To rethink the Game plan?

Far be it from me!

To put The Lord Almighty words to a halt.

Visions are Warnings of things to Come

And Dreams are for times of Comfort.

I have been Blessed with both

But life’s ups and downs has clouded my Judgement.

I have been Seized by Night Terrors, Stalked at Mid Day,

and even as the Bright Morning Sun shines bright

It’s arrows still Penetrates me.

I called to the Lord, who is worthy of Praise!

He heard my Cries from afar and Rescued me.

He told me these Dreams and Visions are

Not meant to Scare me but to Reassure my place with Him.

As I hang my Head low, I hear His soft Voice saying

“Why is your face downcast? If you do what is Right by

Me and My Father all will be well. Those Dreams will still

Come true! So keep My commands and hold fast.”

At that very moment John 16:33 was etched

In my Heart and Mind.

Keep God 1st and His peace will always rest with you.


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