When I look into a person eyes I can see their whole life story and sometimes I see their pain. I am only able to see what they hide the most. It’s strange that the eyes can give away so many emotions good and bad. Sometimes when I talk to people I can’t look them in the eyes because I am afraid of what I may see and some people go through so much that it’s hard to bare. I hate that I see so much worry, fear, doubt and stress in my family and friends eyes. An old friend once told me my eyes are black and full of anger, rage, and confusion. But behind all that is a kind heart and raw emotion for people I love. At once hearing this I reviewed my life and I am currently trying to knock down that wall. I know why the Lord has blessed me to see peoples feelings because I asked Him if I can see people through His eyes. I will never tell anyone what I see in them because they already know. It’s strange that now I can read people like a book.


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