Enticed by Babylon

She dresses herself provocatively, swaying her hips and pouncing around me. All her lustful desires tempting me to indulge into my sinful desires. I stare deeply into her physical traits so that I can get a rough draft of what her motives are with me. Its something weird about her that I have never seen before. As I take a closer look I see her soul and how its trapped in the luxuries of this world. Her eyes are green like emeralds, skin smooth as silk. Her body is every mans dream. Her hair is dark as night. Her ora is like flowers on a fresh spring morning. After my mind was intrigued by this different being, I didn’t realize that in an instant she took hold of me. She drags me away from everything I once loved and knew. I have drifted far away from my old customs to her customs. Trapped in her mind I go insane because I can feel my soul and body battling against each other. But my body seems to win every time.


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