The Era of Today

We live in an Era where God’s name is taken lightly. Why do we people chase after fantasies? I than realize that we are lovers of our own desires and pleasures. Is it in the human will to naturally disown God and do what they feel is best? Why is it so hard for us to put away our desires and grab on to God’s? But then again I realized that we only believe in what we can see, feel and touch. Its a shame that I am a victim of this and I know the Laws of the Lord and I still act like I don’t hear Him calling to me. I always find myself asking God to never turn a deaf ear towards me but I always find myself turning a deaf ear to Him, but He still shows me Grace and I will never understand why. I never met anyone like God and His son Jesus, they still forgive me when I sin. When will WE come together and love one another as God commanded, better yet when will we run back to God with an open heart and love Him like we were created to do? My heart is filled with pain and sorrow for this Era because we are falling so far away from God’s love.


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