Wrestling with My Demons

I wrestle with you Day and Night, I lose sleep because of you. You try to take me over when I am alone by lying to me and trying to make me afraid of things that I can not see, you antagonize me to the point of no return. Why can’t you just leave me alone? What do you want with me? Why am I your target? What do you see in me that is hidden from my sight that you must bother me every single day? No More! I say to you filthy demons NO MORE!!! Lord hear my cry for strength to endure these temptations, help me fight off these demons so that I can be more like you. Lord the more I get closer to You and the more I think of You the harder things get. Increase my strength Lord, increase endurance so that I can carry on with this race. Lord be on my mind when temptation comes around, let your wisdom and peace rest on me. In Jesus name Amen. I shall not wrestle with you demons no more! You are worthless and a waste of time because I now know my God is greater than you. So now that you know this you will attack from every angle and area with all you got, so my response to you is….Give me all you got because I know God got me.


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