It Wasn’t Meant To Be….But Then Again a Lesson Was Learned

I sacrificed everything for you. I gave you apart of me that I didn’t want to share because I knew this would happen between us but then again I thought it would bring us closer together, but you tore me apart instead. You trampled on my heart as you watched my eyes feel up with tears. Why would you trick me? Why did you cause me to become so vulnerable to you? You are my kryptonite and I am like Superman, even though I love you with all my heart and you are a BIG piece of my life, I know I cant keep you around because of the pain that I have let you inflict on me. You were my light and now you are darkness. You were my Sunshine in a Thunderstorm and now you are just the wind of a Hurricane. You were my Queen but now you are just a blank face in the timeline of my past. You were my everything and now there is nothing. Staring at this screen trying to figure out what to say but the Lord stepped in and He said ” She was a guide for you to find Me and yourself. I didn’t mean to cause hurt and pain but that was the only way you would learn and talk to Me. Do not be angry for long, let it just last for only a moment. I was getting ready to question the Lord but I put my hand over my mouth after I realized what God has done for me all I can say was Thank You Lord for being there in my most darkest and confusing times of my young life.


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