Stormy Nights

The night rolls in unexpectedly with dark clouds to rain on my moonlit night filled with stars flying across the sky. The rain that I am experiencing is not the normal rain that I am use to. This rain is a cleansing rain. The smell of it is like fresh honey being churned over an open fire. It feels so good because I can feel my sins being washed away, I can feel a new me emerging from the ashes of the old. A calm voice from above said “I forgive you” and at that moment I felt at peace with myself. My eyes were opened even though I thought the rain was there to ruin my so-called special night, I realized that the Lord knew that it was the right time to cleanse me because He knew I was ready and my mind and heart was ready to receive Him. All storms aren’t bad we just need to learn to dance in the rain and except the hardship because that’s what make us who we are today and the best part is we learn and can share knowledge between each other.


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