The Horse and Rider

I will hop on my horse with sword and shield as I charge into the fray. Into the fray I go like a King built on conquest ready to protect my people. Little did I know the dead were there. The abyss coiled around me, as I routed my enemies. As I kept the good fight I then realized my people didn’t love me. What is a King without his people? So I embraced death, folly and the conclusion that my reign was over. But the Lord told me different He said hold on! your time is almost near keep up with the good fight beat your enemies as fine as windblown dust. I then looked to the Lord and seen His hand covering me. Then I realized that I was not the one destroying my enemies but He was. He has armed me with strength and truth, and also a wise mind so that I won’t slip and fall into the darkness. But if I did, the darkness is like the bright morning dawn to Him. The Lord shook up the earth just to save his servant and for that I Praise the Lord forever and ever Amen.


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