Mind Rambling

I wasn’t meant for this world. The pain I go through mentally, physically, and emotionally is at an all time high. Anger consumes me. Jealousy has arrived and will not leave. I keep pushing because it’s somebody out there that has it worse off than I. So I must keep pushing. Erasing negative thoughts from my mind. I can’t give the devil a foothold! My God look at me and save me. You are here just waiting for me to turn around and embrace You. Every day I feel Your presence even when I am doing wrong. My pockets are full. My hands are full. My backpack is full. My life is full of depression and I don’t know why. You Lord have given me everything I desired and needed (even though some things have come and gone), so Lord can I take up Your burden? Can I have Your thoughts and peace rest on me so I am able to get through this storm? I am sorry Lord for my misbehavior and the way I treat people. My heart and mind burns for You but flesh take over and consumes everything. My mind is a very intriguing thing, it tricks me. I don’t know what to do Lord. Hear me out, take me somewhere safe, let me hide behind you until I learn to walk with you. I know You can do all things. Keep pushing me out of my comfort zone. Tell me things I never knew. Show me things I never thought to research. Let me search Your deep thoughts. Let me search Your deepest thoughts. Let me feel Your presence. Cause my mind to forget past hurts, because You know Lord I need it for myself. Lord take all I have and let me rest with You.


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